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Certified Family Partnership Professional (CFPP) Credential

Certified Family Partnership Professionals (CFPPs) are individuals trained to incorporate their unique life experiences gained through parenting a child whose emotional and/or behavioral challenges required accessing resources, services and supports from multiple child-serving systems as they progressed toward achievement of the family’s goals.

Family peer-to-peer support is the most fundamental element of the children’s mental health family movement. Sharing information, support and advocacy with one another is vital for families overcoming the challenges of raising and supporting a child with emotional, mental or behavioral disorders.

CFPPs perform a unique function in the specialty of healthcare and human services, and can work in a variety of settings, using various approaches to provide supportive services with a wide range of consumer populations. In recognition of the need to assure quality care for children and families, the Illinois Certification Board (ICB), the Department of Human Services (DHS)/Division of Mental Health (DMH), DHS/Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA), Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Children’s Mental Health Partnership (ICMHP), State Board of Education (ISBE), NAMI, and Illinois Federation of Families (IFF), collaboratively developed the CFPP Model.

This voluntary system evaluates professional competency for Family Partnership Professionals and grants certification only to persons who meet specified minimum professional standards. The Model identifies the functions, responsibilities, knowledge, and skill bases required by the professional CFPP in the performance of his/her job, regardless of the treatment setting in which the work is performed or through which previous professional training and orientation has been received.

Illinois Model for Mental Health Certified Family Partnership Professional (CFPP)

Family Partnership Professional Application

Certified Family Partnership Professional (CFPP) Credential FAQs

CFPP Study Guide

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