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Recovery & Empowerment Statewide Call

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(All calls are held from 10:00am - 11:00am)

Future Calls:

2024 - 7-25-24 -Locating Our Resilience

Previous Calls:

03/21/24 Exploring Our Whole Health (Recording)
01/25/24 Navigating Recovery in the Digital Age (Recording)
09/28/23 The Role of Social Media in Wellness and Recovery (Recording)
07/27/23 Evolving Substance Use and Mental Health Recovery (Recording)
05/25/23 Cultural Differences in Mental Health, Wellness & Recovery (Recording)
03/23/23 Tools for Wellness and Recovery (Recording)
01/26/23 Recovery in Today's Crisis Services
09/22/22 CRSS Success Program in Illinois
08/11/22 Making Waves: Mobile Crisis Response Teams in Illinois
05/26/22 Substance Use Recovery Support in Illinois
03/24/22 Innovative Recovery Supports in Illinois
01/27/22 Living Room Supports in Illinois
10/28/21 Spirituality is More Than Religion
09/23/21 We Are the Experts on Ourselves
08/26/21 Linking Our Physical and Mental Health
07/22/21 Thriving During Stressful Times
06/24/21 Put Our Lived Experience to Work
05/27/21 The Power of Kindness and Gratitude
04/22/21 How Words Influence Our Outcomes
03/25/21 Maintaining Wellness Through Clear Boundaries
02/25/21 Diversity: Together We Can Do Great Things
01/28/21 Using Laughter and Other Tools to Make Ourselves Happy
10/22/20 Seeking a Healthy Lifestyle
09/24/20 Finding the Positives in Our Challenges
08/27/20 Shifting Our Outlook
07/23/20 Envisioning Wellness in Our Careers
06/25/20 Searching for Answers to Life’s Changes
05/28/20 Realizing the Impact We Have on Our Lives
04/23/20 Finding Supportive Friendships
03/26/20 Recognizing Our Voices Matter
02/27/20 Seeing Is Believing in Ourselves
01/23/20 Seeing and Appreciating Diversity
10/24/19 Living Well on a Shoestring Budget
09/26/19 Regaining Power through Change
08/22/19 Giving Ourselves a Break
07/25/19 Building Meaningful Connections
06/27/19 Growing through Grief & Loss
05/23/19 Standing Tall in the Face of Bullying
04/25/19 Growing Beyond the Pain of the Past
03/28/19 Springing Forward to Hope
02/28/19 Unlocking Our Hidden Talents
01/24/19 Caring for Our Whole Health
10/25/18 Exploring Our Spirituality
09/27/18 Finding Hope Within
08/23/18 Communicating Effectively About Things that Matter to Us
07/26/18 Opening Up to Who We Are
06/28/18 Locating Resources to Enhance Our Wellness
05/22/18 Identifying Personal Steps to Move Forward
04/26/18 Recognizing Learning Opportunities
03/26/18 Discovering the Giving & Receiving of Support
02/22/18 Realizing Our Power to Bounce Back
01/25/18 Stories of Encountering & Overcoming Obstacles
10/26/17 Nurture Your Physical Self!
09/28/17 You can Conquer The Challenge Of Change!
08/24/17 Budget for Your Personal & Financial Success!
07/27/17 It’s All About Relationships!
06/22/17 Spirituality, Community & You!
05/25/17 Create Comfort In Your Environment!
04/27/17 Nurture Your Emotional Self!
03/23/17 Spark Your Power Of Knowledge & Creativity!
02/23/17 Discover Your Strength To Heal!
01/26/17 Enrich Your Life Through Work and All That!
10/27/16 Exploring the Possibilities in Our Communities
09/22/16 Possibilities through Creative Expression
08/25/16 Exploring the Possibilities of Stretching Our Money
07/28/16 Exploring the Possibilities of Steering Our Thoughts in the Right Direction
06/23/16 Exploring the Possibilities of Creating Boundaries for Healthy Relationships
05/26/16 Exploring the Possibilities of Whole Health Wellness
04/28/16 Exploring the Possibilities of Living with Dignity and Respect
03/24/16 Exploring the Possibilities of Recovery through Work and Education
02/25/16 Getting Our Lives Back on Track
01/28/16 Dialogue with the Division of Mental Health
10/22/15 The Power of Overcoming Adversity
9/24/15 The Power of Family
8/27/15 The Power of Free Time
7/23/15 The Power of Natural Supports
6/25/15 The Power of “Me Well”
5/28/15 The Power of the Words We Use
04/23/15 The Power of Relating to Others
03/26/15 The Power of Justice
02/26/15 The Power of a Recovery Path
01/22/15 The Power of Setting Goals
10/23/14 Forgiving Ourselves and Others
09/25/14 Exploring Our Future
08/28/14 Sculpting Our Relationships
07/24/14 Stepping up to the Plate
06/26/14 Uniting the Forces of Mental Health and Substance Disorders
05/22/14 Sowing the Seeds of Self Compassion
04/24/14 Unlocking our Potential
03/27/14 Rolling with the Changes in Healthcare
02/27/14 Growing New Mindsets
01/23/14 Moving on Up
10/24/13 Building Bridges from Stigma to Informed Advocacy
09/26/13 Building Bridges from Attitude to Gratitude
08/22/13 Building Bridges to Financial Peace
07/25/13 Building Bridges through Work and Benefits
06/27/13: Building Bridges to Healthy Relationships
05/23/13: Building Bridges from Symptoms to Solutions
04/25/13: Building Bridges from Peer to Peer
03/28/13: Building Bridges toward Personal Independence
02/28/13: Building Bridges toward Health & Wellness
01/24/13: Building Bridges from Sobriety to Wellness
10/25/12: Living Well through Action Plans for Wellness & Recovery
09/27/12: Living Well through Integrated Healthcare
08/23/12: Living Well through Career Building
07/26/12: Living Well through Self Education
06/28/12: Living Well through Practical Spirituality
05/24/12: Living Well from Trauma to Triumph
04/26/12: Living Well through Fulfilling Relationships
03/22/12: Living Well through Community Living
02/23/12: Living Well through Healthy Alternatives
01/26/12: Living Well through Self Esteem
10/27/11: From Stories to Strategies: Developing Informed Advocacy
09/22/11: From Stories to Strategies: Developing Peer Supports
08/25/11: From Stories to Strategies: Developing Financial and Occupational Wellness
07/28/11: From Stories to Strategies: Developing Creativity in Recovery
06/23/11: From Stories to Strategies: Developing Crisis and Post Crisis Plans
05/26/11: From Stories to Strategies: Developing Personal Wellness
04/28/11: From Stories to Strategies: Developing Integrated Healthcare
03/24/11 From Stories to Strategies: Developing Inner Strength
02/24/11: From Stories to Strategies: Developing a Healthy Environment
01/27/11: From Stories to Strategies: Developing Emotional Wellness
10/28/10: New Perspectives on Thriving in Times of Change
09/23/10: New Perspectives on Living Independently
08/26/10: New Perspectives on Turning Challenges into Opportunities
07/22/10: New Perspectives on Employment
06/24/10: New Perspectives on Financial Health
05/27/10: New Perspectives on Language and Empowerment
04/29/10: New Perspectives on Whole Self Wellness
03/25/10: New Perspectives on Self Determination
02/25/10: New Perspectives on Hope in Recovery
01/28/10: Consumer Education: New Perspectives on Consumer Advisory Councils
10/22/09: Empower Yourself with Peer Support
09/24/09: Empower Yourself With WRAP
08/27/09: Empower Yourself Through Participation
07/23/09: Empower Yourself With Your Doctor
06/25/09: Empower Yourself with Your Rights
05/28/09: Empower Yourself With Housing
04/30/09: Empower Yourself With Work
02/26/09: Consumer Education: Systems Advocacy: Communicating for Change
01/29/09: Consumer Education: Brainstorming Together
10/30/08: Shared Decision Making
09/25/08: Do You Want to Get a Job - Individual Placement with Supports
08/28/08: The New Consumer and Family Handbook
07/31/08: Transitioning into Independent Living: Permanent Supportive Housing
05/29/08: Crisis Plans: Making Choices for Difficult Times
04/24/08: Recovery Strategies for Combined Mental Illness & Substance Use Disorders
02/28/08: Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP): An Overview
11/29/07: Access and Choice: Helping You Get the Right Services, in the Right Amount, at the Right Time
10/25/07: Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS): Understanding the What, Why and How of the new Credential
09/27/07: Changes in Mental Health Services Overview Consumer Education and Support Statewide Call-In
08/30/07: The Role of Peer Support in the New Mental Health Services
07/26/07: The Role of the New Mental Health Services in Facilitating Recovery & Resilience